Boutique-firm specialised in business law

The Hickson-Noonan firm quickly opted for a flexible and effective structure of a firm-boutique to offer its services in business law to little, medium and large enterprises of English and French language.

What distingues us?
An audacious approach; honest, transparent and determined which is founded on action, results and effectiveness. Its objective: work in partnership with its clients to find the best business solution with the most advantageous price. Its strength: The trust relationship which we establish and maintain with our clients. Once of our big qualities: The availability of our lawyers, which permits the clients to follow their case closely.

A good understanding of the business world
Analyse and understand quickly a problematic situation quickly, identify the findings quickly and determine the best solutions is what the multidisciplinary team applies and adapts to every situation. To facilitate their task, the members of the team works with state of the art research and communication tools.

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Complementary services and skills

With our expertise and our strong knowledge of the laws governing the right of companies, we at Hickson-Noonan are able to accompany and effectively advise entrepreneurs in their daily business operations and in their creation projects, development, acquisition or corporate reorganization.

Commercial and Transactional law

The sale or acquisition of a company has significant legal implications, hence the importance of being well informed and advised. Hickson Noonan proves a major advantage when it comes to negotiations and business transactions.

Environnemental Law

This is a relatively new legal area in which Hickson Noonan is highly qualified. The firm has the expertise and knowledge of all the legal rules, standards, measures and Quebec and Canadian laws related to the protection of the environment.

Real Estate Law

Hickson Noonan acts as intermediary to facilitate transactions relating to leases, to construction, condominiums and town planning for developers, managers and investors. Our intervention can minimize risk and increase the trading results for our clients.

Commercial litigation

Our lawyers have significant experience of all the various civil governing bodies and know how to help clients prevent and resolve conflict productively and efficiently by minimizing the possible consequences.


When it comes to recovery, the firm uses all legal means to obtain payment of the debt owed to his client.

Bankruptcy and Insolvency

Hickson Noonan provides the required services during bankruptcy or insolvency; when business partners or clients are facing insolvency.